Monday, September 12, 2011


These are the most Loveable Labs I have ever seen or had the privledge to give a Forever Home.They now need my help and are depending on me and their Human Dad to give it to them. As most of you know ...we have been working on getting a fence put up for them so they no longer have to spend all their out door time on a Chain. We thought we had pretty much taken care of that and when we took the fence down from around our garden it was put up for them. We knew it wasn't the best but was all we could do for now. My Goal is to get the fence fixed so they can no longer get out like they did tonight. It is very scarey when a Black Dog jumps the fence and takes off after dark and you don't know where she went and of course...she took her Brown sister with. They both jumped the fence over in the corner where we have a make shift gate. They had me very worried since cars go by here pretty fast and it is very hard to see a Black Lab and her Brown sister if they run in front of you.
We also have the 2 American Eskimos but they are much better about staying in the yard. My vet told me that Labs will always take off if they get a chance since it is their nature to explor.
Here is what my goal is now. I have a Bet with a few people that I can make enough money selling my crafts and collectibles to be able to fix the fence and add on to make it higher so they can't get out. I am having a special in my selling blog right now and am offering either 10% off or 3 items and get the 4th item for 1/2 price of equal or less of the lowest item you purchase. I will run this special through the end of Sept since I will be adding items to my blog every day that I can
This is a pillow I made about a month ago for a customer that is also a Dog Lover and especially Loves her Dog. The picture was printed on muslin on my printer and the words were put on the picture by a friend that added them to the picture the customer emailed me before I printed it. I can do this again with a picture and wording of your choice. I made this into a pillow for her to give her husband for their anniversary

I will also be listing this child size tea set in my blog that I made for my Daughter many years ago. It has sweet little Cherubs on the little cups and the saucers that I fired on when I had my kiln. Would make a nice gift for that little someone special for her BD or Christmas

I have been doing some swapping with Linda from Parkers Paradise and she is making some awesome labels for me to make some awesome prim items (and she is also guiding me as to what looks good with what). I can't wait to get some more finished up and list them even though it will be hard to part with some of them :)
I had a VERY OLD Vintage Quilt that I have cut up and made into little candle mats of different sizes and will also be listing them real soon
I just couldn't wait to make this cute little prim dress when I got the pattern and will be making more of these. It even has a prim hanger made from a stick with rusty wire hanger

I just finished this pillow today and is ready to be shipped to the customer that is a Train Lover. It measures about 45 X 36 and took a lot of stuffing and I have also quilted around the trains and buildings. This is my first sale towards fixing the fence :)
Seeing my Pups like this just looking out the window and wanting to go out and run and play is so sad..I promised them tonight that I would fix the fence...even though I was very upset with them for taking off and running through the corn field. Good thing we had a full moon tonight so they could find their way home...and yes I did give them a cookie for coming when we called when they got close to the house. I just hope they don't think they were given a treat for taking off
This was their first day to go out and play when we just got the fence up and they sure did have a good time playing.

Even Annie was getting in on the fun and excitement

They couldn't make up their minds if they wanted to just relax or explore

O K..Getting tired of running for a while so time to just chill out and relax in the breeze

It was also a very fun week end when my youngest son drove down and spent 2 1/2 days..He sure is a good cook and made some red potatoes with carmelized yummy
Of course I made some Banana bread before he came and even made some extra for him to take back home

I think some of you might remember about my great find at Goodwill store when I went up North for my Granddaughters BD and fun trip with another son and his wife to thrift stores when up there.

I got this great apple corer and peeler and decided that Scott and I could make up some Apple Butter that is sooo good. I got the recipe from Mommies Kitchen blog and link is on my left side bar to her blog

Since Scott already has one of these things I let him show me how to use it LOL

He said he used his on Pears and worked good on them too. I bet it would work good on a lot of different veggies. It is from Pampered Chef

I think it is sooo cool the way the Apple came out in a spiral. Might work to make dried spirals to make crafts..has anyone ever tried that
This Apple Butter recipe is so simple..just put all the ing in your crock pot and let it cook overnight on low setting and then turn on high in the morning for a few hours.

When you can stand a wooden spoon up in the middle it is done...then can it in hot water bath

I know this picture is kind of dark but you get the idea. I usually decorate the jars and put fabric over the lid and tie with twine and give as gifts..everyone I have made it for Loves it and of course I gave Scott some to take home

He knows how much I love steak cooked on the grill so we went to Grocery store and he picked up some steaks. We don't grill much so we didn't have tank on the gas grill but he managed to take our tiny grill and put it inside the gas grill so there would be a lid...and to top it all off it was drizzeling rain ..he uses some special seasonings so no A-1 on this steak

We took a walk out in the woods behind the house and since it was Bianca's 8th Birthday she got to go with. There is a shooting range out there and they have all kind of fake Wild Animals that the Bow hunters use for practice...Looks pretty real huh? I think Bianca thought it was
Then it was back to the house to pack the bags to leave in the morning. I Love having my Kids come to visit but is always sad when they leave to go home

I Love reading your Comments so feel free to tell me what you think and come back soon next post will have a give away


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I totally understand wanting the fence to keep the dogs inside. We have patched ours so many times. And it is always Reba that escapes. She looks for spots where she can get out! Luckily, the others don't follow but they do set up an alarm of barking when she gets out. I guess she just has a wanderers heart!
Good luck, my friend!

annie said...

Interesting reading on this post. Hard to keep a good dog in, they love adventure. Your little dress is very cute, love the fabric that you used. I make apple butter in a crock pot, you are right it is delicious.