Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gatherings..a stupid business owner and blogging and a lot of pictures

Grab a cup of coffee or glass of ice tea as this is a long post with lots of pictures :)
This is what I have been doing since last Nov..I have been buying all kinds of goodies so I could make up some gatherings (I'm sure they won't be as nice as Tonyas tho)...I have spent just under $50.00 on all the things I bought.
It is hard to see some things because I have them all laid out on tables in the garage so you will have to kind of ignore the stuff in the back ground I am calling this my kitchen items..don't pay any attention to the stuff up against the wall or the fishing rods

This is some more kitchen items (I know..I take horrible pictures) :)
I took pictures on both sides of the tables and this is some of my candle holders..I don't know if you can see the wooden bench behind the candle holders but it has 2 drawers at the bottom that holds recipe cards..not sure how to display it but I am sure it will go with the kitchen items.
Some more candle holders
More candle holders and hard to see the brass corner ones..will have to do something to them since I am not crazy about the brass color

Back side of table with some more kitchen items

Some more items I am calling kitchen items although some things might get used in a different gathering
This is just some odd things but I do have some nice bird houses and other bird stuff
This is some of the shelves and most of them were 25 cents and 50 cents..I think I might have paid $1.00 for 3 of the bigger ones. I can't believe most of the shelves have a heart cut out..that must have been a big thing years ago
more shelves of course
and MORE shelves

This is misc items and some can go in a kitchen gathering and not sure where I will use the rest

I love the old tin dishes and bottles..there is some Abe Lincoln things in the bag

This is different size trays and even some big ice tongs...wonder what I will do with them

I already had the little bench..doll on the left is a wisk broom and one on the right has braided legs from some kind of rope..and of course another shelf and is also in the shape of a heart :)

This is all things that get hung on a wall..not sure what the metal arch shaped thing is in the back..will have to try and figure out something to do with it..There is also a heavy mirror with shelf in the back..I already had that
This picture is kind of hard to see. This is 2 little cabinets with doors..they are painted dark green and one of the right has mini quilts folded up in it and also has 3 small drawers with tiny doileys in it. The one on the left has little hooks inside and I made a tiny miny dress with rusty wire hanger..I have quite a few more oof these in a bin

This is some clocks and also some small wicker doll landlady hand painted the picture you see against the wall..really pretty poppies (I think)

I already had the frog stuff and fishing stuff but I bought the black metal things in the back and not sure what they are called. One has curved kind of shelves (I think towells rolled up in them would look nice..the other one has shelves that hang off it and not sure what it would be good for..looking for suggestions

This is a reproduction of an old Coke sign and the wooden thing in the back has a lid that lifts up

I would also like to mention that when you look at the links to other bloggers and see your name and have not seen a comment from me in the past week it is because i am not able to leave a comment. If I have to put my google info in (and sometimes it makes me do that 3 times)...after I have put that info in it kicks me all the way off..out of my gmail and sometimes then it will say..sorry I E has encountered a problem and must close bla bla bla...and that is why I can't leave a message. I am sure not all of you have changed your blog to do that so my guess is that blogger is messing things up. I used to be able to leave comments in a lot of blogs that I can no longer leave comment in. You might want to check your settings or design or where ever you go to change your statis and check it out. I know I saw where they had changed mine and I put it back but will have to check every once in a while to see if they messed it up again.

I know I have heard a lot of bloggers say they are having the same problem. Either Dani at Eagles wings changed hers in the last 2 day or blogger did it.

And now for the last part of my post..I have a problem with a shop I had my crafts in up North. She emailed me in May that she was closing her store the end of June and needed mu current address which I sent to her. Finally when July was almost over I emailed her and asked when she was sending my stuff. I got an email from her Friday and this is what it said

Hi Nancy...tracking #672132000002799...scheduled for today delivery....FedEx.

I took that to mean it would be here Fri and never checked the tracking until I saw a Fed x truck go by at about 3 P M..It was then that I saw she sent it to our address in AL and we moved from there the end of Sept. When I called fed x number they told me to call my carrier..excuse me but aren't the carrier..said they couldn't help me...Then Billy told me to call Fed X in Eergreen AL so I did..guy said it was already on the truck but he would call the driver and tell him to re route to this zip..couldn't get a hold of lady from was closed and it takes her forever to answer emails I keep checking tracking and all it shows is that it was supposed to be rerouted.If they did deliver to house in AL they could just drop off and leave and people there could just keep it..I told the guy at fed X that i would use U P S for my shipping that I couldn't mail..I don't know when the tracking will show it is on the way here but I will be checking and may call fed x in AL tomorrow.


ShirleyC said...

I don't really know what you mean by a "gathering", but you have some neat things.

I was having the same problem with blogger on IE so I downloaded Firefox, and now I've not had one single problem trying to comment. I had used Firefox before, but this computer is only a year old and thought I'd try and stay with IE. I also saw where some other bloggers switched to Firefox and some to Google Chrome.

nancy huggins said...

Look on my left side bar and click on Primitive Creations by Tonya..then check out her ebay auctions or go bac in her posts..she has pics of gatherings in some of her posts :)

Dani said...

I haven't changed anything but did go back in to make sure.....sorry if you haven't been able to comment..blogger can be the oil lamp....have to see what you mean by gatherings so will check out Tonyas blog now...

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Oh my nancy.... You have all the makins for some awesome gatherings. Looks tome like you are gona be sanding and painting and distressing soon and then creating some great gatherings. In time you will be a whizz at creating gatherings you wait and see. just be patient with your work take yoiur time and let yourself see each gathering fall into place. the key is creating that wonderful Black Prim look and then building from there.
I'm excited for you to get started..
thanks for mentioning my gatherings.. right now is down time for me so i really don't have much listed in my ebay store but in a month or so I will be starting back up..
have fun creating girlfriend ..


Cora said...

Looks like you've been collecting stuff for a long time, Nancy. You should be able to put together some great gatherings with all that. Sorry about the thing with the shop owner. Those shops never worked out for me in the past. Somehow, I always ended out on the losing end. Maybe it was my fault for not being more alert and watchful and being too trusting and believing. I don't think I ever once got my stuff back from one that I mailed stuff to. It's a shame that people don't value your work and money. Hope it all works out for you.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Looks like you are going to have some great "gatherings"! blessings,Kathleen

annie said...

You have some great things, hope it all comes together for you. Tonya has great gatherings, I love the way she combines things. That sure is a lot for fess than $50.00! I use Firefox, but still have some problems, not as many as IE though. I read if your security settings were too high, you might need to reset them to medium high, it's worth a try.

Firecracker Kid said...

OMGosh! You're gonna be busy for a long while:) I see some awesome items there. I sure hope you get your things back soon. Keep on them about it.
I had the problem leaving comments too and downloaded google chrome for free and it fixed that problem.
Take care!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I adore your " Gstherings" Nancy but, you should have told me, I have a houseful of this stuff too, either to re-make with or just sell and hopfully make some extra cash.

Do you have a shop or festival in mind or sell on-line?

I still have lots in Alabama and my attic and house here is full, what to do with it all?