Saturday, June 25, 2011


Was able to get out in the yard again this morning and work on the Rose Garden some more...all that is left to do now is find a few more Rose Bushes and then mulch it..I will also be putting 2 small gardens on each side soon but will keep that a surprize until I get them done. I have had some suggestions from my blogger friends and it was a big help..Someone left a comment this morning about putting a wreath in the middle of the window and I remembered the door wreath I had and no where to hang it soooo went in the window. Then Billy hung a curtain rod up for me and I made this simple prim kind of curtain..I have the sides tied back with emb floss and now I can see in the picture where he kind of messed the curtain when he put the wreath up. It is hard to see the wreath in this picture but it just says "Garden" and has some fake flowers and mini garden tools on it..Maybe I can get a better picture tomorrow.

I added some more items to the front of the house too and I will be glad when more things are blooming. Maybe in a few more weeks it will look better. We have Bird feeders hung in the trees everywhere and 2 Hummingbird feeders and we are swamped with Hummingbirds and some pretty Yellow Finches and everything else you can think of. I don't even know what some of them are so will have to borrow the neighbors bird book and see if I can find what some of them are
Uh Oh.I did it again and got this picture in twice LOL

This is just a small area next to the steps where you come in the door to the porch / T V room and it is doing O K and is the home of some very noisy and I think a lot of their relatives are living in a lot of my other flower beds around the house. We were sitting out on the swing after we got done working in the yard and it started to drizzle...we were kind of protected under the trees as long as it was just raining lightly but the Frogs sure were likeing the rain and letting us know it :)

This is the porch where you come in the porch door and we put that lattice up there so when we get the fence up for the fur babies they can't sneak through under the railing..That is also another thing we will be doing soon..painting the railing and when the garden is done producing the fence from the garden will be moved to the side of the house.
When Billy was putting the Raccoon up on the fence for me there were 2 sticks showing under the rail so he sawed them off so it would look better and I am sure to also shut me up :)

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DragonflyzDreams said...

You have a lovely flat yard Nancy, I know you are enjoying that cooler weather up north. We are already in the 100 degree here and too dang hot!

We are looking to move to North Carolina next month so I have been super buzy, we have not yet signed the lease but hope all goes OK.
Smiles, Cyndi
PS: We are looking at a cabin in the woods....

annie said...

Your gardens sure are coming along just great! I like your decorations,, it's great that Billy is helping you reach for your dreams!