Saturday, April 30, 2011


Well..He made it home Thursday night at 10 P M..would have been here an hour sooner but when he got of interstate at the Effingham exit he realized he got off 1 exit to soon so he turned on a side street thinking he could go around the block and get back on and get off at the next exit...well...that didn't happen because the road he turned on was a cul de sac and now he had to figure out a way to turn truck with tow bar and car behind it around. 2 men happened to see him out their window and came out and helped him take the car off of tow bar and then take tow bar off truck..then he got it turned around and they hooked it back up and he was on his way.
I wasvery happy to see the U Haul pulling in the driveway. He parked it and came in to have a cup of coffee and pet the 4 excited dogs and of course Annie got so excited she had a seizure. When we went to bed all 4 dogs had to go also. Bianca and Annie laid on each sode of Billy and Maggie got up and laid on the cedar chest at the foor of the bed and Callie laid on her blanket in front of the dresser.
He got up before me in the morning and took car off tow bar and tow bar off of truck. They wrote the contract up for tow dollie twice so that was the first problem with U Haul He was trying to turn truck around to back it up in front of garage door but that didn't happen.If you take a shovel and dig up some soil it runs off the shovel like thick soup. Couldn't tell by the 2 or 3" of top soil..Now we have a problem...He even took a big piece of flagstone and tried to put under luck. Can't get a jack under there decause truck is buried up to the axel

It has the front end about 5 feet from side of the 1 car garage at end of driveway and the back end is about 10 ft from edge of house... I do not ever want to see a U Haul in my yard again
He was able to pull the ramp out even though it was only about 4 feet from edge of house and started unloading
More than half way here and wondering how he would get the heavy tool box off the truck

Everything is off and now it is time to tackle the tool box...Took most of the stuff out of it and put in bins to make it a little easier..He did get it off and in the big garage with his other tool boxes
He had an idea that maybe he could dig a trench behind the tire to help back it out...Nope..that isn't going to work because the gas line that goes from the house out to the butane takk is right there under the tire...not sure what to do now but Fred has someone coming over tomorrow morning to see about pulling it out but it will be a job since there really isn't a place to hook up to truck. I sure hope his friend can help us. We can't call a wrecker because they can't get in there without sinking worse that we are

Dogs were very happy to see the ottoman that they used to get up on to look out the we are really going to have our work cut out for us trying to decide what we can find room for to keep and what we will be adding to our garage sale.

Bianca has decided that her Daddy can not leave again without her and I have also made that decision. Don't know which was worse..Him driving to AL and back and loading the U Haul or me sitting here wondering if he was O K and dogs looking for him and trying to run out in the woods thinking he might be out there. That will be the final trip for Billy to ever load and drive a U Haul filled to the brim..But just let it be said that a 70 1/2 year old can drive 1400 miles round trip and load a u haul and then unload it.

Now the fun begins with trying to put 10# of sugar in a 5# bag


dee begg said...

Glad Billy made it home safe and sound. Too bad about the uhaul getting stuck and sure hope he gets it unstuck.

Have a great weekend.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, I'm so glad he's home safe and everything IN the truck is safe and unloaded. The truck being stuck brings back memories, though. We were stuck once, too. U-Haul themselves came and got the truck out. You might give them a call and tell them. They have BIGGER trucks that can pull them out and tow them.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

YAY!!!! So happy for you to have your man where he belongs! Home with the furbabies! I know it will be work but it should also be nice to see all your old things! Pictures along the way?!

Dani said...

Glad he made it home and somehow the truck will get, the mud you must have...could you put cardboard under the wheels or something like that?

nancy huggins said...

I hope they can get the truck out tomorrow so we can return it and I will be doing another happy dance..Already starting to reorganize the house and will show pictures of each room as I get them finished :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Glad he made it home ok! How scary. Your comment about the sugar bag made me laugh. I feel we live that way every day. Need to purge a bunch o' stuff here for sure. Cute pic with the pups! -Tammy

Denise said...

Made me tired just reading it! Glad he is home safe........

Carmen C. said...

OH NO! I can understand you not doing anymore U-hauls:/ I'm glad to hear he made it home safely, and was so lucky to not get caught up in those horrendous tornadoes down there, I bet you are glad your back up north!

Anonymous said...

Good neighbors are a Blessing. The world would be a much better place if we would all be good neighbors.