Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is a rather long post with lots of Pictures from my trip to Chicago in Oct. Nellie uploaded them but I couldn't find them until yesterday so I thought I would just go ahead and share tonight. This was inside the HUGE Hershey store..For $10.00 you could buy a bucket and then candy would come out and you could fill your bucket with Hershey candy.
Somehow this first picture jumped to the top and I don't know how to fix it so maybe you can figure it out and know it should be by the comment about the garden :) Sorry about that...blogging can be very aggrivating sometimes
This was taken when we were going to cross the street in downtown couldn't pay me to drive in this traffic

This is a Huge Leggo thing just on one of the sidewalks..I thought it was pretty cool and different

Just some of the buildings lit up at night..what an awesome sight

This is the sign in the window of Garrett popcorn store

This is the line waiting to get in and buy some popcorn. Nellie said sometimes it is even longer. They have every kind of popcorn you could think of.

This is Michigan avenue at night...Chicago's Magnificent Mile

This is the Looking Glass Theatre..Lots of good shows here..a very busy theatre
This is just one of the MANY Buses we rode..Seemed like we were constantly getting on a bus to go see or do something

Check out the OLD style drinking fountain

This is a Candy Store called "Margies" They also serve Ice Cream and food. The original one opened in 1919..this was one of the new branches close to where Nellie lives.

We each ordered an egg salad sandwich (and it was on huge sourdough bread) plus a cup of soup and some chips

Then for dessert we ordered a Hot Fudge Sunday and asked for 2 spoons so we could split it...even had a little pitcher of the hot fudge that you could pour on it yourself

The 2 of us couldn't even eat it all plus I took 1/2 of my sandwich home to eat later :)

We took this picture from down by Lake Michigan looking back at the city :)

We walked through this tunnel to get to the crossing busy roads

There was a lady sitting on a park bench reading a book and had her little dog with her and had just taken her dog for a swim at the beach

This is a special part of the beach where only dogs are allowed..they can go swimming or play ball and have a fun day with other dogs they meet.

I don't know why but I did feel a little sorry for the horses that pulled the buggys and carriages with people wanting to go sight seeing

They did have a variety of carriages..This is just 1 of them

It would take you on a 1/2 mile trip and the cost was $40.00 for 1/2 hour.just a bit to expensive I think but not bad if there is 4 or more in your group and you split the fee. I wanted to save my money to go to a lot of the thrift stores they had everywhere

The last day I was there I finally found a thrift store that did have a lot of neat things I just had to have and of course we had to take a cab back to Nellies apt.
I don't think I will be driving back up North by myself again...took me 5 hrs and 20 minutes to drive to my sons house...then I went to my sisters and spent the night and took the train for a quick trip from the suburbs to Chicago. I had a lot of fun with Nellie and spent 3 days with her and then back to the suburbs and visited some of my other kids and a friend...then there was the long ride back home by myself..another 5+ hours. When I go again I will take the Amtrack and just enjoy the 3 or 4 hour ride with a book or a nap or just look out the window at the scenery.

Thank you for visiting my blog and it does make me happy to know you stopped by so I would love having a comment from you. I see where my visitors come from and even know who some of you are and wonder why you don't leave a comment and let me know what you think..Maybe my posts are just to boaring...Till next time..Have a great 2011

Opps..almost forgot to show you one of the nice planters on the sidewalk..Looked so pretty..especially near the end of October


Debra said...

Hi Nancy- that was quite a drive for youQ You are braver than I am! Amtrak sounds like a wonderful idea!
Great pics of Chicago- I doubt if I will vere get there again.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

what a fun trip..thanks for sharing the photos..that icecream looks yummy..;)

Carmen C. said...

Your posts are NEVER boring Nancy! I love the "popcorn store" and the beach for dogs, but I'm with you on the traffic, I could never drive somewhere like that! Just riding along to our closest big airport in Pittsburgh about does me in, not to mention the FREEWAY we had to drive on for 2 hrs. when we went to GA!!!!

Dani said...

wonderful photos..we've never made it to Chicago..maybe one day...was it very cold? Amtrack is the way to go..I love love train relaxing....hugs from California

Kady said...

Wonderful photos Nancy. I also feel bad for carriage horses. I hope and pray they're treated well when they're off duty. Your furry girls are beautiful.

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Hi Nancy, I enjoyed this trip to Chicago with you, great pictures. I would love to buy a bucket for $10.00 and fill it with Hershey chocolate, sounds like a good deal to me (I visualize the bucket holding a half bushel. Right? haa). I would never pay $40.00 to ride in a carriage; I would go to the thrift shop with you on my money.
It has been years since I have been through The Windy City. Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

These are nice photos of your trip to Chicago to see Nellie. Even the food looks good. I love the planter!

Fran said...

Nancy I love the Chicago pictures. Fran

Fun With This and That said...

I have alwayed want to go to chicago .Now I want to go more.Laura