Friday, August 20, 2010


I would like to introduce you all to "MIA" She is my Daughter Nellies Cat and she needs help. My Daughter lives in Chicago now (because of her job) and is on her own with her 3 very special kitties. Mia is even more special to Nellie because of the 2 first years of her life before Nellie got her. Here is sad and very sick little Mia and she loves this snuggly throw I gave to Nellie. Mia is spending the night tonight in the vet hospital and even though I am sure she misses her Mom I am also sure they are doing what they can to help her.
I got an emai from nellie today when I asked her what all was wrong with Mia and this is what she said so everyone would understand why Mia is soooo special......
Mia was abused as a kitten by former owners when Nellie rescued her...she was very skittish when she came to her new forever home but became a very loveable affectionate cat (if you go to visit Nellie I can promise you that a cat will be in your lap looking to be petted)

Mia greets Nellie at the door every night when she gets home from work and sits on the bathroom counter every morning when Nellie gets ready for work.
She has always had issues with her teeth and her stomach has always been sensative as a result of direct trauma to the mouth and torso as a kitten (which means they threw her against stuff)
About a week ago she was acting very out of sorts and was taken to the vet right away. Tests were run which showed that Mia has Kidney disease. She also has an unknown lump in her side and they have to do an ultrasound and all of her teeth have to be removed.
I will not go into any more detail except to say that with a lot of care (and expense) they may be able to make her live a fairly good life for a few more years...without care she may only last a few months

This is another one of Nellies rescued cats that was wandering around at the fair and kept following Nellie..I guess cats just know when they find someone that will take good care of them and of course she ended up with Nellie and has found her forever home

Lucky is the silly cat that does all kinds of entertaining things to make you smile and how can you stay in a sad mood with Lucky around (and I am sure you can figure out how she got her name)
I couldn't find my picture of Daisy..Nellies little Black kitty... she stays curled up somewhere most of the time out of sight

I bought one of the plants that grow grass especially for kitties that don't get to go out and it is one of Mias favorite treats :)

Lucky just kind of takes over and finds her own favorite spot. She decided to claim this chair so of course Nellie had to buy a cushion for it to make it more comfortable

I don't know what she got inside of here but she is letting Nellie know that she is planning on staying there for a while.
We went to Chicago and slept over at Nellies one night and when I got up in the morning and peeked inside her bedroom I saw a cat laying on her back..a cat on her pillow next to her and another one peeking out from under the covers.
Nellie is single and these are her children (kind of like my dogs are our children now that we are empty nesters.)
I will do whatever I can to help Nellie and Mia since I know how much they mean to her and I am sure if all the stray cats in the county had their druthers they would want to have Nellie for a Mommie.
There is a button on my side bar if anyone would like to donate..even $1.00 will make a difference and it goes through Paypal..If you don't have a PP account but would like to help then please email me for an address
Nellie does work with a group that does comedy shows and they are trying to put one together to raise funds for Mia..Nellie will also be listing some things on ebay to help out.
I would just like to see Mia happy and feeling better again soon :)
It would be appreciated if any of you could post about Mia in your blog..Thank you very much :)


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hope the tuss feels better soon. I was looking for the donate button but don't find one. I'll be back to check again. xoxo Donna

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there Nancy, I just made a donation and I will blog this tomorrow to see if it helps..I've also added the button on my side bar too,:)you know I am a big cat lover and wanted to help..please keep us posted.;)

Dani said...

wish I had some $ right now to help out but will post on my blog and also if anyone buys any tags in my selling blog..I'll donate too....I know how expensive vets can be...

Nellie said...

thank you, mom, for posting this. mia is so important to me and this is a really hard time for us. last night was the first time in the 8 years that i've had mia that she has stayed outside of her home. i'm picking her up from the vet today, and am so excited to see her and snuggle her and help her get better.

thank you all so much for your kind words and donations. it really means a lot to me (and my sweet mia). i will keep you all up to date on her progress, and hopefully she will pull through and live a long, happy life.

Carmen C. said...

Having worked at an animal hospital for many years I know first hand how vet bills can climb rapidly, I am saying a prayer for Mia and hope my small donation helps a bit:)

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Poor sweet, Mia. I know all too well how hard it is to see a beloved pet so sick. Hope and pray they can give Mia many more wonderful years with your daughter. Will head over and donate to help. Keep us posted on her progress! ~~Annie

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the sad news of Mia's illness. She and Nellie are in my prayers.

Nellie said...

Thank you so much Carmen and Annie! You have no idea how much every little bit helps Mia. The donations I've received so far have covered for her hospital stay and meds. We both appreciate it so much!