Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mary is still doing her job

This is Mistress Mary quite contrary and she is helping the garden grow by scaring away the birds and hopefully some animals..she doesn't want anyone to see her face :) This is her helper making everything grow good (including the weeds..this is the best fertalizer there is...We also use some Miracle Grow
This is my small area right next to the car port and it has Lavender and other scented Flowers..So when we sit on the swing at night we can smell all the sweet smells

This is a pan I planted some flower seeds in and had some of the little plastic garden markers and wrote on them with marking pen...I will never buy them again since the letters disappear and you won't know what you planted where...Ice cream stick for me from now on

This is a Rose bush that was out in the yard and very small and almost dead. It loves the new black soil and coffee grounds and Miracle Grow and of course the fish fertalizer

This is one of my herb gardens and it is also close to the car port so we can enjoy the smells.
I will be using some of these to make and freeze my spaghetti sauce.

We have about 18 Green Pepper Plants and I will be stuffing them and baking them so they can be froze for a quick dinner

This is one of my favorite veggies "Broccoli" and I hope no bugs get to it before I do...I have always had problems with worms getting to my Broccoli
This is the first planting of Corn and we have 2 more plantings..I sure don't want it all to be ready for the freezer at the same time
This is the southern peas that Billy planted and he also planted some beans
It is a BIG area full of his peas and beans...I am glad he is the one that will be shelling them
This is my biggest tomato plant and you can't see it in this picture but there is a small green tomato on it already
This is just a small portion of the Cantaloupe we Planted..also have about 4 LONG rows of 2 different kinds of Watermelon coming up.
This is the zucchini squash and it always grows..We also have some hubbard and small yellow squash coming up too
Here are the sunflowers...they must grow good in poor soil. I read that a lot of bugs like sunflowers and by planting sunflowers it will distract the bugs from your it will be a nice treat for the birds this winter (if they don't get to the seeds sooner and I don't have any to save)
This is the 3rd time I have thinned the radish and have planted more 2 weeks apart so maybe we can enjoy them all summer. I know these tasted good and are a nice snack to munch on (Not fattening either)


PeggyR said...

I love the "lady" in your garden! Glad she is working out well! Love seeing what you do! Happy gardening!

Dani said...

Your garden is a little farther along than ours....good going! and I love the lady in the garden..she's perfect!

DeeDee said...

Wowsers... I just made me a scare crow from my old beauty school head and PVC pipes...onces I get her clothes I will be posting a picture of her taking care of my garden too....

love all the yhummies you have planted...good luck with the brocolli

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I want a scarecrow!!!!!! But I think Buster would bark his head off at it!!!!

Don't be disappointed if the brocolli doesn't make it. It is usually planted in the fall here in the south. It will bolt (flower) when the weather gets hot. Pretty litle yellow flowers though!!!! I'm going to have to try the fish emulsion. How do you use it????

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

How do you use that fish stuff anyways, and how often????

M Hastings said...

Woweee that's a fabulous garden! Love Miss Mary!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I adore your MARY! She has such class!

I hope your garden is OK after all that rain, you sure have worked hard on it and it looks awesome!

Smiles, Cyndi