Friday, May 28, 2010


I am to depressed to even talk right now. Garden is down the drain and a certain person told us the soil needed nitrogen or something and he could have told us that 3 months ago. It was a lot of work and a LOT of money down the toilet. I am now trying very hard to make enough money to go home..I know when to plant and I know what the soil needs etc etc..No Rattlesnakes there or other critters that bite and I am sure you all know how much I worry about my 4 best friends with 4 legs getting bit.
No Doctors will take pain patients so looks like I will have to live on aleve..biofreeze and a lot of soaking in the tub. Went to a chiro here (that is only there on Mon & Tues and it is 10 times worse than it was and had to pay up front and wait to get my money back from Medicare...that never happened.
I am listing on ebay to try and save up to pay vet and rent a U Haul and I have 41 items listed so far and since they are having a special until June 1st I will keep listing
Then it will be a yard sale and then hopefully a craft sale.
I am still having the sale in my blog for 15% off if you leave a comment in the post about the give away. Better get over there and leave a comment to be in the drawing.
I will be hosting another give away for $25.00 grocery card soon and is sponsored by Kroger Foods and blog spot so stay tuned and watch for it.
Sorry for all the doom and gloom but there is no one else to tell my tales of woe except for a few of my out of state friends that I never see.
Hope everyone has a nice Holiday and stays cool


Firecrackerkid said...

Aww, Nancy... keep the faith gal and keep your chin up. Ask the man upstairs for help. It is a cruel world out there sometimes, and it gets us all down from time to time. Vent to us all you want then think of the positives in your life. I hope this helps a little. Hugs

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I know how you feel about the garden, Nancy! I was really too late with my planting as it is just too HOT here for most of what I planted. You would think I would have taken the hint from the commercial farmers and plant my veggies in the fall -- NOT the spring! Is it too late to add the fertilizer you need to your plants? Plant some green beans around the corn stalks. Green beans add nitrogen to the soil naturally. They will vine around the stalks, using them as a trellis. Indians also planted squash at the base of the corn, threw a dead fish in, etc. They now call this "three sisters" gardening. I have NO squash at all. Tons of flowers, but no fruit! You are right --- southern gardens are really tricky!

nancy huggins said...

To late to plant anything else Cora..The ground is like a ROCK with weeds coming up around it. I think Billys beans and peas will make it since he has lost 13 pounds from working out there in the hot sun hoing them and the meldons look like they MIGHT make it.The tomatoes are not very big but might get a few salads.
I know how to plant in the midwest so guess I should have just stayed there..I will NOT be planting another garden here.
I just want to go home..NO Rattlenakes there!!