Thursday, February 11, 2010


Connies awesome Hot Fudge Sundae Candle
You will find a link to Connies web site on my side bar on the left...take a few minutes to check her web site out.
"Connie" makes the most awesome Candles you will find anywhere and this is my favorite

These are just a few of my friend Lynn's raggy things she made..she is one of the best I have seen with the raggy items and she has them for sale on etsy along with a lot of other hand made items you can go here to see some of her items or look on the side bar to go to her blog

Just wanted to share some awesome items that some of my crafting friends make
Please leave a comment and let us know what you think of these awesome items


Debra said...

Some great looking things Nancy!

Lynn S. said...

Thanks for sharing, Nancy. You'll need to send a photo to me; perhaps one of your prim items?

Charlene said...

Just received your awesome soap!! The orange soap is wonderful, both to smell and to use!! Very nice! Thanks so much..I'll be back for more!!