Monday, January 25, 2010


It is a privledge for me to know someone so caring about something so sweet and innocent. I'm sure they wonder why they were not loved from former owners...I am also sure they think that Maybe....Just maybe..they found their forever home. There is nothing more Loyal than a Dog and always the best and caring Mom you will ever find.
Dogs never abondon their young ones. They have known time after time to protect their owners and have also been known to save lives. It just gives me a good feeling when I go to bed tonight to know this family of 3 have finally found the owner they would like to stay with forever. I am sure if they could talk they would tell you so...but I am sure if you just look in their eyes they are much happier tonight than they have been for quite a while.
It is wonderful to know that there really are kind people out there...even the one's that have said they never want a Dog :)
How could anyone not Love something this sweet and innocent

I think we found someone that will really Love Us

I heard the one lady say we were going to the vet tomorrow..It sure will feel good to get cleaned up and checked out

This lamp will help keep us warm tonight

We are much warmer now and we feel safe

I think that face is saying "Please take care of me and my Babies tummy...and Happy


Carmen C. said...

Awwww Nancy *squeal* How precious!!! Just look at those thankful, loving eyes, my heart is melting!!!

nancy huggins said...

The look on a Puppies face that finally finds a home is the most heartwarming feeling there is.
I wish I could go and give them all a hug..especially the Mom for taking such good care of her babies

Kimberly said...

Those pups are so precious!

nancy huggins said...

They followed a friend of my daughter home and were in bad shape and cold and hungry..they are looking better and happy probably for the first time in their life..Made my day to see them fed and warm :)

Dani said...

Puppies! so sweet...what wonderful photos, Nancy..

nancy huggins said...

I didn't take the photos Dani...Nellies friend took them and she is the one they followed home but you know how it broke my Heart to know they were cold and hungry and also how happy I was to see them pick the right person to follow home.
I Love puppie and always want to pick them up and hug them...they just fall asleep in your arms just like a baby :)

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Awww! What a sweet post and what sweet faces. I'd take those sweet things myself! ~~Annie

nancy huggins said...

Hate to say it but my Pups can't read this so I will say..They are even cuter than my pups :)

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a sweet bundle of fur balls! So good that they have a home! blessings,Kathleen

Carmen C. said...

Nancy, Just wanted to let you know I got the soap petals today~ thank you:)