Friday, December 11, 2009

Memories from my Kids

This is just some of the Memories of things I have received from my kids over the years and I have many more in every room in the house.
Eventhough they are all gone to a home of their own I still have them with me every day in every room.
This is just some of the things they have bought me and made for me. There is a poem in a frame that my Daughter wrote for our 20th Anniversary
it is dated July 21 1998..
It reads
Twenty years you've given yourselves, Eighteen you've given to Me.
You put in your time Hard work and Love, You built a Family,
You struggled and triumphed In good times and bad,You always saw it through.
And so I take this chance to say
Happy Assiversary to you!.
They made me some cute things in school with clay (Pottery) and one son even made the vase and bought the silk flowers to go in it when he was in 8th grade.
They ask me when they come to visit why I had that junk everywhere..They were so proud when they gave it to me and I can still see the smile on their faces when I unwrapped stuff (never knew what they would find to wrap it.
I guess they will just never ubderstand what it is to be a Mother

This is some of the plaques they bought that had a verse for a Mother or about becoming a Grandmother. The oil painting with the number 50 on it was my BD card from my youngest son for my 50th BD. He didn't have the money to buy a card and painted the picture with a cake insted. That was much more meaningful to me than any card he could buy.
My # 6 son made me the clock in high school and was very excited when he was able to bring it home and give it to me...It is my favorite clock.
My daughter drew the picture of the Old Car in school and I treasure it also...she was very good in Art class and still draws pretty good.
The poem under the car was written by my oldest son when he was 13 and it reads
My Mom
To my mother fair & sweet
The one with the hair like coal (I have lt brown hair :)
and eyes with tears and how they flow, where they come from no one knows,
With brains like an owl and a tooth brush,comb,and a shower, make her a dream like an island of Flowers.
None of it is really what I am like but I will always treasure this very yellow from age poem.

This is some more of the pictures that my Daughter and youngest son drew and also some pictures that Daughter took of things in my yard...I love them all

I have many more items all over the house and maybe some day I will take some more pictures to share


Dani said...

what sweet memories, Nancy....

Debra said...

How wonderful that you have saved these treasures- as you know they are priceless!

Laura Frantz said...

Precious things, Nancy! Your kids must love knowing you treasure them so.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Such wonderful things with the sweetest memories! You are so blessed! blessings,Kathleen