Friday, November 6, 2009

Prizes won

Dani will be mailed one bar of the Orange scented soap (which I think is her favorite scent This is the Pin Cushion that will be going to Laura
This is the tote bag that will be going to Gayle

All prizes will be going out in the mail on Monday


Dani said...

Thanks so much, Nancy...I hope to make some sales so I can buy more of your items as gifts...

nancy huggins said...

Hope you sell a thousand dollars Dani..I will be ready to make you whatever you need when you need it though no matter how much you make :)

Debra said...

HI Nancy- Your winners sure got some great prizes!
I have you entered in my contest.
I have been fairly busy so I havenot been to the board in awhile- hoefullyI can get there soon!

Laura Frantz said...

Bless you - I'm back home now and happy to hear from you. My mailing address is:
Laura Frantz
948 Joyce-Piedmont Road
Port Angeles, WA 98363

I would love to order some Christmas gifts from you so will try to do that in the next couple of weeks:) Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I received my tote today. It is a really special prize. It's so pretty and I love it. Thanks again.