Friday, October 9, 2009


Just wanted to let you all know that I have been gone for almost a week because computer was it fixed today and maybe it will stay fixed for a while.
Also wanted to let you all know that there are other people that check my blog from Monroeville,AL and all the times you see that town on the visitors list is not just me LOL
I will be posting soon with some wonderfull items that I would like to share that some of my friends have made and will be doing that soon...just trying to get caught up on 6 days of emails...uploading items for sale and taking new pictures for the craft show. They wanted to see some of my items and maybe put some pictures of them in the local I better make sure they are some really good ones.
The winner of the soap in my last post in my blog was eggs in my pocket and I will be sending her gift to her as soon as I get her mailing information....I will be back soon so stay tuned...

and don't forget about staying as germ free as you can...check out my shopping cart handle covers and will also be posting some pics of my soap come back every chance you get :)

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Lynn S. said...

Nancy, so glad you got your computer up & running again. Can't wait to see photos of your soap.