Sunday, August 30, 2009

Its Getting There

I am finally getting some things listed in my web site and will continue listing until there is something for everyone..These pictures are just a few of all the very reasonable priced items I have so far..Since there is so much going on with the flu virus I am making soap from silk Rose Petals and Ladies can carry them in their purse in a plastic bag and you will be able to wash your havds anywhere there is water. I am making some from Loofa soon for Men to use..There is dog cushions prim candles...Set of 4 Placemats and much more...go check it out for lots of neatthings to get you started on your Christmas shopping.
If there is something you are looking for just leave me a comment and ask...ya just never know what I will make next :)


prim country farms said...

Oh Nancy everything is so wonderful. I love your rose soap. Great Idea!!!!
Good luck in sales.
Prim Blessings

Lynn S. said...

Love your new items. Your handcrafts are always awesome.

Dani said...

looking good....I like the placemats too but don't use blue much, any chance of other colors? maybe fall ones?

nancy huggins said...

Dani..If you are talking about the placemats I can try and find something you would me and let me know

Donna Stark said...

It all looks great Nancy. Nice gifts for someone and just in time for Christmas as well.