Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alabama Tour

We took a tour of Monroe County last month and I took some really cool pictures that I thought might be interesting to someone besides me.
The first picture is of the nice Air Conditioned Bus we rode on and we took a sack lunch

This is another stop we made and you could ride across the river on the Ferry..everyone took a ride on it except me and the bus driver..I do not like to go out in the water like that

This is a picture of a Hotel that was built in the 1800's and I guess it is still used some times..The way it worked is you left a note as to what you wanted for breakfast and the next morning it would be on the table in the dining room. You NEVER saw ANYONE that worked there..Kind of creepy I think..What would you think?

I will post a few pictures from the inside of what used to be a museum and is now closed up. They did open it for everyone that took the tour to look around. The town this building is in is completely closed down all except for 1 small gas station..Unbelieveable as to how many place have shut down because of all the factorys that closed down in this town

To be continued soon :)


Dani said...

I think I'd be creeped out by the hotel service too....no one around? weird.......

Lynn S. said...

love the photos. thanks for sharing.