Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's Getting There

It is taking longer than I had planned to get things in shape in the new house but it is getting there one day at a time.

I am finally able to walk through the sewing room and even able to find some things.
I was finally able to find time (plus my back was O K today) to give Bianca and Annie a bath and the pups too.

Pups got their bath outside but had to give Bianca and Annie a bath in the tub. My White dogs are finally White again. (and they weren't very happy about it)

I was even able to get some more stuff organized in sewing room...made 4 pincushions for the craft sale I am planning to sell in this November.

Got the bottles laid out on the patio again to try and clean them so I can put the labels on them for the sale also.

I have my dining room table lined up with the rest of the pincushions I will be making so maybe I can get the fabric organized tonight and then get them finished tomorrow (or at least get some of them finished LOL)

We went to town a few days ago and I checked out a few interesting shops and even found a neat little antique shop and bought a really old flour sifter...Thinking about embellishing it for the sale too.

Guess I better get back to my organizing before I run out of steam...Just wanted to let all of you know what I have been up to :)


Dani said...

it sure takes time, doesn't it? I to see what your pincushions look like...I've had a little trouble with my sewing machine and need to make some adjustments on it.....always something.....

nancy huggins said...

I was able to get 11 pin cushions finished except for a few more embellishments. I will post them in my blog when I get them finished.