Sunday, July 5, 2009


It looks cute in a picture but it isn't funny when they can climb faster than I can run. Maggie got her leg caught the last time she tried but I don't think it will stop her.
If I sit there with a squirt bottle they back off. They love jumping in their pool now but they hate getting squirt in the face with water :)
I finally have my Pioneer room finished and will take pictures if their is light coming in the windows and post them in the next couple of days :)


Dani said...

your fences won't keep them in for very long, will they? Puppies are cute but alot of work!

nancy huggins said...

Maggie is learning to sit for a treat but she has also takin a liking to my slippers and Billys shoes..Then can also destroy a nice candle arrangement and chew the candle inless than 5 min.
One of their favorite things to tear up in newspaper (even your bills if they can get them) and the toilet paper really amuses them