Saturday, June 20, 2009


The happenings since we moved to AL
Billy went and picked some Blueberries today (and they were free)

and a nice neighbor brought us some yellow squash from their garden
We also picked some tomatoes from our patch that we planted at Billys Aunts in March

It seems like we will never get unpacked and we had to rent 2 storage units to put a lot of bins and boxes in to make it easier to sort and bring the stuff we need back a few bins at a time
Bianca and Annie are a little upset...and jealouse since they got 2 new little sisters. We got 2 Lab Puppies (outside dogs) and wanted some dogs that will get big but will start out smaller than Bianca and Annie. Bianca is REALLY Jealouse and does not want the pups by HER Daddie. Annie doesn't mind much as long as she can take a chew away from them and they let her.
Here are a few pictures I have taken with my cell phone since I can not upload pictures from my camera right now since someone had me put some Kodak software on my computer and the pictures go where ever they want and are hard to find...I hate it but have not been able to figure out how to fix computer back to the way it was.
Here a few of the latest pictures of "Maggie Mae" (she is the black puppy) and "Callie Fae" is the brown pup
Hope you enjoy looking as much as I did taking them..I love spending time outside with them as often as I can
Well..I did it again and it is all jumbled so hope you can put the pieces together. I will post again soon and maybe I will get it right next time Sorry bout that


papel1 said...

The dogs are adorable Nancy! We are enjoying hearing about your new place. wow, what a move!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nancy, I'm so glad to see you posting again! I just can't believe the puppies!!!!! My heart melted when I saw them. Buster would love to play with those guys, I'm sure! The blueberries and veggies look so yummy!

I really hope you are happy where you are! I know getting settled in and unpacking are such a horrible chore, and you've done it so many times you should be a pro at it. But it doesn't get any easier, does it????

Take it easy in the heat and do a little at a time!

Dani said...

the puppies are so cute and you picked a good breed..Labs are great dogs and I hope the girls will accept them just takes time.
Good looking yellow crook neck squash, we've been eating it about every night for the last week..that and zucchini.
guess I'll have to start making some mice for you?