Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well..Sold everything that was left in the stools..and over 20 boxes of items plus some other nice items and let it all go for $50.00 but better than just donating it all I guess. Couldn't take it with and need the space in the garage to put all the yard stuff for the movers to load up.
3 weeks from now I will be living in a better house and looking at tons of boxes. I am not looking forward to that...but I guess I will just take my time and lay on the couch and watch T V and take a lot of breaks (that is if we have T V service right away)
I am digging up a lot of my plants so they will need to be planted right away and will give them a dose of Miracle Grow and some epsom salts and then cross my fingers that they can take the shock.
I am looking forward to making some of my prim soap and a few other things..depends on how much energy I have left.
My main concerns will be the Kitchen stuff..Bathroom stuff and our bedroom. Will just take my time with the rest.
We have a lot of stuff that was in the garage (tools and garden items) and we will not have a garage there and that is a bummer. Will have to look around for some kind of storage shed once we are there.
One son will be driving our pick up down since he needed to go down anyway and he will leave it at his Dads and we will have to go and pick it up (70 miles one way) and of course it will be loaded also.
I still have tons of things to pack and a few more things that I would like to sell. Time is closing in so I guess I better get busy.
So far I have not had much back pain..just aching back and legs from all the packing.
It is cold and raining here today so I guess I will just have to stay in the house and do some more packing.
Stay tuned for updates :)


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Sounds like a never ending job, Nancy!!!! I know the last time I moved I said, never again!!!! All I have to do is read about you doing it, and I'm all of a sudden very happy where I am with all my stuff!!!!

Take it easy when you can!!!


Dani said...

Lots of work...I know you probably know this but be sure to mark your kitchen and bathroom stuff so it can be unpacked first...everything else can wait until you get rested...just driving that far is tiring!

nancy huggins said...

The part that has me the most worried is going over the weight they allowed and then paying a lot more and also driving that far with the 2 dogs and 3 cats...not looking forward to that at all. Billys hip has been giving him trouble and this ride is going to make it worse.
2 weeks from today we will be on the road :) or close to it

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Moving is soooo tough....I am hoping it will go smoothly the rest of the way, your idea of "a little at a time" when unpacking the non-essentials is excellent.

One thing I do when moving, that helps me, is that I keep the doors to the rooms that are not yet unpacked SHUT. That way I don't see the boxes and get stressed before I am ready to deal with them. Otherwise I try to unpack them too soon and get flustered.

I think making $50 is better than making nothing on your garage sale! At least it will pay for meals on the road!