Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well..I just found out that I must be a true Yankee...I made some Shrimp Gumbo tonight for supper and it did taste good but I was glad I made some cornbread to take a bite of every time I took a spoonful of Gumbo..and then had to drink milk because it was cold . It didn't really seem hot on my tongue..but it was a little spicy going down my throat..Good thing I made banana cream pie for dessert.

I figured as long as I was messing up the kitchen I might as well fix supper for tomorrow night too.... so I made a pot of Chili mac...it turned out to be enough for 3 meals and still have a lot of Gumbo left over soooo now I can just heat and eat every night for the next week and get a lot more packing done and also finish up some sewing.
I will try and post some more pictures in a few days of the inside of what will be our new home...so come back soon and if you have time...please leave a comment so I know you were here.
Thanks for stopping by :)


papel1 said...

I am reading your blog. Gumbo is not my favorite food. I am a meat and potatoes gal. Glad I don't have to pack.

nancy huggins said...

I keep trying to make packing a fun game...but it isn't working very well...I am really more concerned about the drive down with an 86 Pick up truck that will only hold 1/2 tank of gas at a time and having 2 cats in a pen in the back of my car and 1 really old cat not penned. I know my cats are not going to like this ride at all and will be very upset when we get there...Will just be glad when it is over with :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Hey, Nancy! I admire you for trying the gumbo!!!! NOT my cup of tea! I'm with Judy --- meat and potatoes here!

I remember all that packing and moving to Florida with two cats. It wasn't fun, and I swore if I ever moved again, I would only take my purse with me. The vet did give me some sedatives for the cats, and they made it just fine. You might ask about it. They slept most of the way in their carriers -- I remember wishing I was in there with them!
When are you planning the trip?


nancy huggins said...

The movers will be here on the 29th or 30th of May and will load up and then leave..my house here will then be EMPTY so we will have to leave. We just think it would be wise to be here when they load up. I don't know how far we will make it that day since I don't know what time they will be loaded up.
Billy will drive our OLD truck and can only put 1/2 tank gas in at a time and not go over 55 MPH so it will be a longer trip and hopefully we can get there by the time the movers do so we can tell them where to put everything. I will just be glad when this move is over :)
I will be getting the pills for the cats and then hope I can get them to take them...maybe put them in with a small bit of Tuna :)

Dani said...

Yes....I highly recommend sedatives for the cats, I have to do that with one of ours just to get him in the carrier...he hates the vet with a passion and when he sees the carrier, he knows...oh, how he knows...
I've never had gumbo...it sounds like its spicy? but as I am allergic to shellfish, couldn't have the shrimp anyway....