Thursday, January 15, 2009

Created some new Tags

I made these with stickers and still have a little bit of embellishments to do

Some more that have fabric sewed to the card stock

These have pieces of fabric sewed right on to the card stock...might embellish them a little more yet

I just created some new tags that are One of a kind (because they were created by me and not a graphic that anyone can buy...thought I would share them with you as I may be offering them for one of my giveaways in the world blog


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those are unique! The idea of sewing the material to the tag is neat! You do such lovely work -- I love my little stove tag I got from you. I have it up on my miniature easel by my lighted birdhouse!

nancy huggins said...

I was going to try and think of something to do with the stove tag but had your package ready to send before I did...have sent half of them out already...maybe I will embellish them and send you another one :)

Debra said...

Great tags Nancy! I never thought about sewing fabric too them!

Linda said...

Hi Nancy,

Anyone can submit there house to CS. In my case, someone in a forum sent pics to a photog from CS who came in the forum and he sent them to the Editor. He emailed me and suggested I send them to her as well, so I did. She had already seen them by the time I got around to sending them and told me she was probably interested but needed more room shots - to see how much room they had to work with. And then from there on out, it was a done deal!!


Came over from the Dear Ol' Dame... So very glad I came! Your tags are adorable! Happy creating to you!

papel1 said...

Cute tags Nancy. You are a busy creative gal.