Friday, October 24, 2008

Breast Cancer Bags

Just a note to tell you all that I have sold all the B C market Bags..still have a few cell phone cases left but my friend will be taking them to work and hopefully they will all be gone next week too.
I will be making a donation to BC awareness in about a week :)


Debra said...

Hi Nancy_ it is good that you have sold all of you BC bags! This is such a great thing you are doing!
I wanted to let you know thaT I received my dolly today! She is wonderful! I love the little poem that tells all about her! Thanks so much!

nancy huggins said...

You are very welcome Deb...I love it when someone appreciates my gifts...even when they are very small.
The Hankie Dolls are one of my best sellers but a pain to make :)
Glad you liked her.

Linda said...

What a wonderful way tos upport the cause. I have been a ChemoAngel to BC patients in the past.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. Please do link and I will too. I CANNOT wait to see your new old house - it is making my heart go pittet patter!!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

The bags were wonderful and I'm glad you sold them all. You did a great job on them, for sure! Hope all is going well with you and the girls! Do I hear rumors of you moving?????? Cora