Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just another day in paradise

Wait all week for the week end thinking DH will be home and maybe have time to get some of the things I need help with done...Did it happen?????? Not yet and it is now 2:15 P M and just started raining. Not enough rain to help any of my plants...maybe it will make the Birds a little sure isn't helping my mood.
Still have to go to WMart and pick up a B D gift....I HATE the Wal Mart here but driving 16 miles to the old one might not be any better.
Maybe if I go upstairs and start dropping stuff that is in my way and needs to be hung will help.
Guess I am just getting a little disgusted over this whole move and buy your own house thing.
I really need to get some paint for the living room...the chalky white is really depressing and getting to me. I do not want to hang anything until it has a different color.
Guess I will go and try some new tactics and see if it helps.
Till next time.........................

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