Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another day in Paradise

Well...It is now Wed night and my thrill for the day was pack and pack some more. It will soon be over and by the end of the month we will totally be out of here. Then the real fun will begin...trying to put 10 pounds in a 5 pound bag. The new house is much much smaller so it should be a real challenge.
I lucked out yeaterday and found a 75% off sale for some trees. I took the pick up and drove back to the store I saw them and had fun picking out some new trees for the new house. Then I got really brave and drove the truck by myself (I get lost real easy) and started digging.
Billy got there after I had the first one planted and he did most of the work planting the rest.
They are all trees that have Flowers in the spring and early summer. They said in 15 years they will be 30 feet high...hopefully I will still be there enjoying them.
By the time we got finished it was dark....and since I do NOT like driving in the dark I decided to spend the night there by myself and maybe put some stuff away.
There was no T V or Radio and I kept busy for a while----then it started thundering and lightening and it was very creepy.
Since we don't have all the curtains up in the living room it was flashing through the window.
I was glad when morning came. Came back to the old house for some fun of packing.
My computer will be disconnected on the 20th and I will not have it hooked back up until the 25th. So if you don't see a lot of posts...that will be why.
Time to get back to the packing:) :)

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