Sunday, July 26, 2020

Collectible metal motorcycle with side car...from the 50s and is wind up and works and looks like new...4 1/2 inches front to back and 3 1/2 inches wide and 3 inches high..key is taped to bottom for shipping..Price for this item is also $35.00    can be picked up on porch in clinton wisconsin or buyer pays shipping...will accept cash or PP...comment with question or to purchase...please share..thank you

Highly collectible wind up cast metal Motorcycle  ...1950s cast metal wind up toy new.. measures 6 1/2 inches from front to back and 4 1/2 inches highasking $35.00 low ball offers...can be picked up on porch in Clinton or buyer pays shipping...will accept cash or PP...comment with questions or to purchase

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

I am back and now that son gave me a new lap top i will be listing more and posting about other things so come back and visit often and thank you for your patience while taking care of health issuew

Friday, January 17, 2020

I have been trying for a month to update this blog...haven't been able to do much so will leave it like it is and just add new posts...I have been doing abstract paintings and jewelry  and will share on here as soon as I take new photos and hopefully can get them on here...will also try and share new ideas I come up with  so please check me out often and thank you to all of you that have stuck with me

Monday, November 27, 2017

I am sorry for the delay again..Having a lot of pain and have Dr appt on 28th and pain clinic on Dec 20th..I will come back as soon as I can and meds I take now kick in for a short time some days.
Again..Sorry to be such a whiner..Pain sucks..Makes it hard to even function most days :(

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Some more goodies for your Christmas shopping..I do have more and you better not wait to long as I will be taking some things to display at local beauty shop soon.
I buy mostly from people like myself that make hand made items for us to enjoy
If you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a P M..If there is something special you would like I will do my best to make it for you

 Pint jar with flower on top isCoffee / Vanilla sugar scrub..One on the right is Coffee scrub with Mocha and spice  Both are reduced to $5.00 each plus shipping
 @ Ceramic soap dishes with Butterfly's and scent for soap is "Butterfly Kisses ( smells like A wonderful bouquet of Roses and Carnations) reduced price is $6.00 each
 Cute little soft scrubbie for any Frog Lover and has a lot of soap down inside and scent is Duck Farts (smells like wonderful fruit fragance and would go good with my Frog bath toy soap in previous post..reduced price is $4.00
 Pretty little dish with 8 pink soap petals and would look pretty in your bathroom for guests to was their hands or just to display with the pretty little Bird..Scent is Home sweet home (smells like A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with subtle hints of floral Rose and ylang ylang)
 Pretty glass jar with flower on top of Lavender / Vanilla bath salts..Smells yummy. Reduced price is $8.00
 Honeysuckle Sugar Scrub with locking lid that is big enough to reach in and enjoy..Reduced price is $7.00
 I have 2 jars of this and is one of my favorites..A wonerfuul scent to soak and relax in tub after a long day. Smells just like the name and reduced price is $6.50
 Another pretty jar with Butterfly on top os Spearming Sugar scrub..smells like Spearmint :) reduced price is $6.00
 Prett jar of nice smelling Peppermint Candy Cane Sugar Scrub..Smells like it's name..Reduced price is $5.50
 Pretty jar of Candy Cane Sugar scrub and will add a pretty pink ribbon for you. Reduced price is $6.00
 This is kind of interesting ..Mint / Rosemary Sugar Scrub and I have another one in pint jar. Both are reduced to $5.50
 Another jar with Pretty Butterfly and Doiley..a great gift for someone special. Layers of Lavender and Vanilla Bath Salts Reduced price is $8.00
 Opps..Same jar as above..Go ahead and try it..must be a reason I posted it twice :)
 Pretty 3 piece Ceramic set with soap the has letters I embellished that says " Faith  Hope and Love..Scent is Christmas scent Smells just like Christmas and not real strong pine smell This set is reduced to $12.00 for all 3 pieces and the soap..would look good in any bathroom since is neutral color
Last is this bar of soap that  is Dreamcycle scent and would be nice to put with Dreamcycle bath salts or tie on the package ..someone will love this from you. Reduced price is $4.00

I do have other things but a lot to post at a time so if there is something you would like please don't be afraid to ask

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Great news this time..I will be having a sale until December 2nd for all of my bath items. My Daughter in Law was here today and brought me some of her awesome soap but is different than mine. Hers is good for troubled skin and has been tried by a few people with good results. I just saw a commercial on TV about a pill you can take for acne and eczema and might help in 4 months. I am not a big fan for trying pills for every problem and never like the side affects and would much rather try soap  and see how it works. Her soap is good for troubled skin (acne,eczema and rosacea ) and for $4.00 for a bar about 2.5 ounces I think that is a great deal.
Until the 2nd of December you can purchase it for 3 bars for $10.00..Would also make a great gift or stocking stuffer.
I will be having a special sale for the items pictured below and will be adding many more items in the next few days.
I am a supporter in helping all the Mom and pops that make something from scratch and this year I will be giving  family and friends a gift of bath products and also buying some unique gifts from 3 of my friends that make awesome gifts.
I will be buying some special hand created dolls from my friend Penny King and also hand stitched items from Danielle Vargason and some awesome hand sewn items from friend Carol Evans..I will be posting links on side bar with links to them and also to my Bath items page Huggins Artesian bath items.
Please look at the pictures below to see my items I am having a sale on..Questions can be left in a comment

                                                  Cute little set of Ceramic Ducks with a bar of hand decorate Duck                                                         soap  There is a ceramic soap dish...little pump for lotion.....tooth                                                           brush holder and little duck hand towel..they are on sale in the basket                                                     now for $18.00
                                                          Large pretty jar of Lavender /Vanilla Bath salts
                                                         I have 25 bars of Cross soap and scent is called God's Love (                                                                  smells like Baby powder and Mulberry) Great to tie on gift for                                                                someone to use or makes a nice display in bathroom or other room
                                                        I have 2 sizes and was selling for $3.00 for medium and $4.00 for                                                         lg and now selling for $2.00 and $3.00
                                                          Close up of Cross soap
                                                           Everyone Loves Ducks..This is 3 pc set  soap dish with hand                                                                   decorated duck soap..Hand towell and a little scrubbie filled                                                                   with soap special sale now just $10.00
                                                          I have qute a few little bath toys embedded in soap and what                                                                  little guy or girl wouldn't want to take a bath with this cute soap
                                                          was selling for $6.00 each and special now is $4.00
                                                          There is Ducks, Frogs, Turtles, a whale,a starfish,Octopus and a                                                            pink fish..I have a lot of ducks and frogs but limited amounts of                                                              other ones
                                                              Green Bay Packers soap and is scented with scent called                                                                   Sandlewood Forest..they were $5.00 @  selling now for $3.50                                                                 only 4 left..I will not be making more unless an order and will                                                                be full price. # have green tinted soap and 1 is clear
                                                           Nice 3 pc bathroom set..Pump for soap or lotion..Tooth brush                                                                 and tooth paste holder and soap dish with soap with Butterfly
                                                           Scent is called Butterfly Kisses..was selling for $15.00 and                                                                      special is $11.00 for the set
                                                           I have 10 tins with lids and different soaps that are Peppermint .                                                            scent .. .look close at the picture to choose the 1 or more that you                                                           would like. They have a clear see through lid..would make great                                                               Teacher or boss or friends Gift  were selling for $5.50 each..on                                                              sale now for $3.50 each. When these are gone there gone..can't                                                             make them again
                                                           Nice basket with Tree and wvwn some candy canes. Has 2 Bars                                                            of Christmas decorated soap and when you use the soap the little                                                            decoration can be used..It is a cute eraser and would be great gift                                                          for Teacher or student...Thw soap is scented with Peppermint and                                                          also includs 2 little bags with soap petals that are scented with                                                               God's Love and Peppermint scent..Selling now for $20.00
                                                           Similar to the 1 above  but has Christmas scent and peppermint                                                               petal scent  Also $20.00
                                                           one of my Favorite Sugar Scrubs to make. Was hard to find the                                                             Root Beer extract but it did smell just like Root Beer..Nice size                                                                  jar for $10.00..Only have 2 left
                                                           Another fun Scrub to make..Does have the same spices as                                                                      Grandmas home made Gingerbread...selling for $8.00 and only 2                                                              left
                                                          Great gift for someone that loves Lavender. It is very soothing                                                               and relaxing and 4 bars should last for a while. Selling this pretty                                                            basket with soap for $18.50..I am not able to duplicate a lot of                                                                my baskets so don't wait long or this will be gone
                                                           Another Basket that will make a great gift..Decorated Blue bar                                                               of soap that is scented with scent  Baby Powder.
                                                          3 little packages of soap petals that are scented with  Grandmas                                                              Kitchen...God's Love and Honeysuckle. Selling now for $8.00
                                                          This is the soap I mentioned above that my DIL made and is                                                                  Natural Lemon Soap with Essential Oils Good for troubled skin                                                              (acne, eczema and rosacea)  What a great way to show someone                                                                 you care..Just $4.00 a bar (about 2.5 oz) or 3 for $10.00..try it                                                               and see how it helps..My opinion it is better than taking meds..
                                                          Contains Oils..(Palm,Coconut, Karanja,Neem,Castor and hemp
                                                          Lemongrass and Lavender essential oils and lye

                                     Please leave comment with questions or to order or you can email me at
                                              Thank you
                                                    I will be listing more items as I can in the next few days so come                                                            back soon

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I am back like I promised but not the best of news. I have a lot of FB friends that wanted to know how the craft show went and takes to much time to tell them in messages so will just post it on here.
About a month ago I met someone that seemed like a friend but found out it wasn't so and now I will just go ahead and whine or vent..whichever you want to call it.
I should have seen the signs sooner of taking advantage of being used because I am a senior but it took me a while to get all the pieces in the puzzle together and Sunday was the final piece.Have welcomed these people in my house even with kids with issues (BiPolar etc etc) have fed them..have given them things plus my friendship. I was signing up for a craft show and invited this person to go with and bring some of her jewelry to display with my bath items and it was going to be her first craft show ever..Then she started buying supplies and making more and more jewelry so I rented 2 spaces and she was supposed to help pay her part when she got paid but never happened. Had her spend the night so would be easier to just get up and load up and go. That is when I was informed she only took a shower twice a week and wore the same jeans for a week. I still let her sleep in my vintage bed even though she was over 300 pounds. She came in house and Flopped on my couch on top of ppillows that my dogs lay on and sometimes I do. Her jeans would pull down in the back and could see bare skin that should not be exposed. It did bother me but I let it go and decided I could wash pillows and bedding after the sale.
My husband very carefully loaded the back of her Van (and yes..I did put more gas than was needed in it) Had help unloading at the show and she insisted parking in handicapped area because a thing on her mirror said she could. It was a bit of a way to my spot but with help I made it. Then it came to setting up..she used every prop and fabric to display her jewelry and was No help with me setting up my bath items. I was getting disgusted by this time and just wanted the day to be over and go home.
Sale started at 10 and she was ticked because she hadn't sold a lot by 11..tried to explain it was Sunday and a lot of people come after Church. I sold a few things and that made her upset even more since I was gone to bathroom when they sold. Then as people are walking by she is saying in a loud voice "Hello..come and look at my hand made jewelry for great prices" It was actually making people just keep on walking so then she pulled 2 young girls over to pick out a bracelet and go tell their Moms to buy it. That just isn't right. Then when I went to the bathroom she was calling me on my cell to see if I needed help walking back...Another red flag but had to ignore it. She was counting on selling at least 300.00 worth of jewelry and use it to buy dog food and other things...that is Not how craft sales might sell a lot or might not sell anything. I was able to sell 40.00 of my bath items (and the double space cost 70.00...I then knew she was not going to help pay the fees. She sold 28.00 and took 1.00 out of my fanny pack to buy a reffle ticket. I was hungry so had to also buy her lunch since I will not sit and eat in front of someone that is broke.
The sale was finally over and I started folding cloths from display..she just crammed them in a bin. Then to top it all off she could have moved her van to a door closer to load up and refused so I had to carry stuff farther and my back hurt really bod so I got in van and asked her to turn heat on because I was freezing..did she NOPE..Finnaly left with my things just tossed in and it was fragile but I couldn't do much at that time. Finally left and when she got to town and knew how to get to my house she insisted on using GPS which took us up and down country roads and was dark and foggy. Then there was a sign that said Curve ahead and she claims she was going 30 mph and started doing a 360 trying to make it around the boxes went flying around and good thing I had my seat belt on. I know it messed up my back because my husband had to help me walk from bedroom to bathroom and was in the worst pain in my life. still hurt all day today but him massaging it helped a little. Thank God I have Dr appt on Friday and a few pain pills still left.
Needless to say I learned an expensive lesson and the strings have now been cut..all more talking to me like I am senile and suggesting to put my husband in a nursing home because he has memory issues and they can come and live with me.
Sorry for the long vent and pain is kicking in again so guess I will go to bed. I will be posting about my give away this week end so stay tuned and thanke for letting me vent.
Till next time..have a good week

Friday, November 10, 2017

Been a while but now I am back :)

Horray I am finally back..still having health issues but found a good Dr here so things will start looking up soon
I now have a FB page to sell my bath items so be sure and take a peek  huggins artisan bath goods and start your Christmas shopping for one of a kind bath products.
I will be having a give away next week so be sure and come back and check it out...I now have some of my items in a beauty shop here in town. I Love small towns and checking out next week about 2 more places.
I am going to be selling in a craft sale this Sunday but I think it will be the last much work and to cold out to load and unload items plus a lot of work setting up at shows. I think will do o k with selling in a few shops and on FB.
I enjoy making bath items and is something I can do late at night when pain isn't as bad but can't keep making items unless I sell them (so I can buy more supplies)
I do take special orders for that OOAK item you might want and will enjoy wrapping items up for the special friends and family on your list. The pictures I am posting are just some of the many items I make and will post more pictures next week after Craft show.
We love the town we are in but house is very small for 4 dogs and 5 cats...they are family and will go where we go
Check out the pictures and let me know if you are interested in anything.
Please leave a comment if you are happy to see me back or with questions about any of my bath items
Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you come back soon
  Gingerbread sugar scrub
                                                       Root Beer Float Sugar Scrub
                                                           Another Gingerbread Sugar Scrub
                                                         A great Lavender /Vanilla  bath salt to relax your tired body and                                                                 help you sleep
                                           Sold basket I just made and she ordered another basket. I do not have                                                             anymore baskets like this but can make other ones
                                         My bath items on shelf at Beauty shop in town

That is all the pictures I have right now but will post more next week so be sure and come back
Huggins Artisan Bath Goods
Here is link to my bath page to check out     

Friday, May 13, 2016

Still struggling

Sorry again for taking so long to post but nothing good to report yet. Have been driving 500 miles round trip to go back to Doctor in WI to get my pain meds once a month...The medical help here is worse than poor and I don't know how people in this area stay well as they do..Even the LL that has lived here all of his life has problems when he trys to get his meds refilled because Dr ignores a simple phone call to pharmacy now he had hernia surgery right before Christmas and had to go have it done over because it pulled loose...All about the money here..Doctors won't even listen to you and you are in and out of their room in 10 minutes. 
I tried a new Dr and was suppose to be a full exam and all he did was look in my ears and at my top lip from when I fell.Then he sat there and said you DON'T have fibro and didn't have a stroke...Never ran any tests to see what made me fall and I have been to MANY doctors since 1993 and I DO have fibro and also 3 degenerative discs in my neck and shoulder.
Have been trying to find a place to live closer to Dr up North with no luck and if someone did have something available we can't just hop in the car with 4 dogs and make 500 mile trip to go look at something so we decided to start driving around other areas near here and then try to find a caring Dr in another area. Would actually be cheaper to move somewhere closer plus a lot easier.
Sorry but that is all the news I have about moving
Took the dogs to the vet here over 100.00 and only one looked at was Maggie and she said Maggie is itching real bad because of reaction to Fleas saliva. We bought some tablets to keep fleas off dogs and Maggie was burning up with a fever...even her paws were kind of hot..Won't use that again and if we could just get out of here the flea issue would be gone.
 My dogs ages 7 and 12 NEVER had a flea until we moved here and when we turned the heat on in October they came out of the register in droves. We have spent over 300.00 trying to get rid of them and from the research I have done I learned that fleas can stay dormant up to 6 months in cracks in the floors and many other places. Have also leaned that fleas can live off mice and since the dryer vent blows out under the house it is a good place for mice to live and then the fleas can live off the mice. No other way to get rid of the fleas except to move and can't do that until we find a place to live.
I have been putting money aside every month from home account into another account to have money to move plus have been finding items to sell that we don't really need and putting aside also.
Sorry for all the doom and gloom but that is all I have to write about now
Maybe if all my friends or everyone that reads this can say a prayer for us then I can write better news soon
Thank you to all of you for reading my long sad post. Hope some of you will be kind enough to leave a comment with well wishes for us

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Maggie Mae and sisters are back

Hello everyone that is reading this and hasn't given up on us. It has not been a good year and would like to try and explain.
A year ago this Month we had a home and a yard in Beloit,WI and then the City stepped in and told the ll he had to fix some things so he decided would be easier to just put a 4 sale sign in front yard. Mm and dad's lease was up May 31st and they knew if they stayed longer the LL would raise the rent to $1,000.00 or maybe more. He even sent a registered letter trying to change the lease. Mom sent to her atty and he said was useless and not to worry about it and just find somewhere else to live.
Mom amd Dar are retired seniors and we are all rescued retired fur babies and it is very hard to find a place  that would rent to Mom and Dad with us...They said Dog's destroy houses and that really upset Mom..Dog's do NOT destroy a house..It is their owners not taking care of them and traiing them and you can't blame the dog's. Those kind of people would trash your house without Dog's. There are just to many people that give a Dog (or cat) a bad rap and hard to find Dog Lovers that Love Dog's as much as Mom and Dad Love us. 
Some LL even told her she should get rid of 2 dog's (mainly the bigger dog's ) and that would mean me and Calli) We are good girls and very loyal and loving especially to Mom and Dad. and there is NO way that Mom and Dad would dump any of us.
So Mom started looking everywhere she could and there was someone down here in central IL and asked for her help..She found a house but only sent photos and bragged how nice owner was and the house. Mom trusted her and came up with the money to hire movers (money they were saving for down payment to buy us a Furever home) 
Movers told them that for sure could get all our belongings in their big trailer and all of a sudden it was full and a lot of things left so they told Mom she would have to rent a U Haul...more money they weren't planning on..the total move left them pretty broke ($3,330.00).
when we pulled in this house we knew it wasn't good but had no choice but to stay here. They found out that LL (Landlord) here could barely read or write and that is also when they noticed there was no spout in bath tub to fill the tub to take a bath

That was just the beginning of many issues
We will be 7 in April and my Eskie sisters are both 12 and we have NECER had a flea in our life (They take very good careof us) but this house is all electric and some of the registers don't even work but dad turned it on in October and we were invaded with FLEAS..It cost about 300.00 to get it under control and is still a daily ordeal.
When Mom told LL about it his reply was guy that lived here before us for 3 years said he never had 1 flea..Now  I will  use a word that is not a good word..That man is a liar.
Mom did some research and found out fleas can stay dormant for 6 months in cracks in floor and places like heat registers.
Mom has a lot of back pain from Fibro and also 3 degenerative discs in her neck but still gets on floor and gives us a bath.
She tried to fill tub with shower head and made the bathroom so humid you couldn't shut the door. So Dad hooked up a hand held shower and mom laid it in bottom of tub and it sprayed and soaked the bathroom floor so now she lays it down and puts a dinner plate on top of it.
She has asked at least 8 times to have spout put in tub ( since Mom has to soak in tub for pain) and the last time she asked the LL said this "Then you don't want a shower?"  That just doesn't make sense and then she realized the LL had more issues than reading and writing.
Also found out after getting here that this house is only 640 square feet (and LL here told them could be 4 BR ...if you want to put a bed in small Dining room or laundry room I guess) so then they had to rent a storage unit for 65.00 a month to store a lot of our belongings :(
There is a small shop at end of street (in this town of less than 100 population) and Mom and Dad went to check it out. I mentioned to the shop owner that another neighbor told us to be carefull not to leave anything in yard or neighbor kids would steal it...Her remark was "Oh no..Kids here are o k but is the meth dealers you have too worry about and she evn told mom their names and where they lived.
When I mentioned it to LL he also told me there names.
I think this post is getting pretty long and Mom can't sit at computer for me to dictate any longer because of pain so I will continue with this horror story in a few days I PROMISE.
I am signing off with some  pictures of some houses here and will post pictures of more things in next post
Mom hopes none of her friends here on blogger have given up on her..It just has not been easy for Mom and Dad for this past year and they worry about our safety
I hope some of you will leave comments so I can tell Mom that her friends haven't left...even though she has been MIA for almost a year

 One of the better homes and people have lived there 53 years
 another house when you go to the left from where we are
 This is house right across the street and they burn furniture and plastic and pour gas on it
 Left end of house right across the street ans she is neighbor that said kids steal and she also walked over here and thought my Sun Flowers that were 8 ft high were cucumbers and asked Mom for pain pills
                           Just another house across the street
                        This house gets worse every week end
 People here moved out kind of in middle of night and now just sits there empty
                                  side view of empty house
                  Take us dogs for a walk..Mom says NO WAY
                         Just another house in Paradise
                                           Trailer park
                                    More of Trailer park
 For sale $24,000.00..Maybe drug dealer can buy for a selling place
                            Some more of the neighborhood
                              Another disgusting empty house
 A not so bad one but have NO desire to meet any neighbors here
                               Nice..even has a garage
                     Another 1 of the very few that look decent
                        I guess would make good guest house
 This is just to funny if you understand it here..Maybe put up by one of the druggies
                               Another trailer in Trailer park
                                    Entering Trailer park
                                Nice little hide away I guess
 Mom enjoys going to Church..but will NEVER go to this one
 Another empty house and EVERYTHING has been stripped out from inside
 Another hide away to do what ever you want
                               Across the street on corner
                        Some empty buildings that are just creepy
                  Not sure what is used for..about a block away

 Their house burned and building a new one..should have took the money and left

Thank you for reading my post..Catch ya again soon
Love "Maggie"